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Since 1935, three generations in the family De Mori ... they breathe ceramics.
Ada De Mori - Bottega Artigiana, took over in 2015 the family business with brands CerArTech - A & H Home Ceramics.
Activities for 45 years is important partners Italian and foreign companies providing them artifacts in semi-finished or finished products also made exclusively.
From the large to the small company Artisan we give you our availability, our commitment and our expertise to realize and solve your needs. We do not place restrictions or amount of spending, we also offer complete projects from design to product made.


We use the GRESLAST®, an exclusive ceramic mixture perfected by Ferruccio De Mori and Rome Bianchini over the years, consisting only of naturally occurring raw materials. An exclusive and natural ceramic mixture.
It is a " ceramic kneading " the result of study and experience of 45 years of work, is exclusive to our workshop, made with only certified raw materials.
We propose a material with remarkable technical qualities from the sink to the special piece will have an excellent behavior in fire and a significant reduction of your production wastes.
We are the ONLY PRODUCERS of this specific material and only our manufacture have this label imprinted.
GRESLAST® is a ceramic kneading composed only by natural materials: Clays, Kaolines, Quartz, Feldspars, Oxides, Water.
GRESLAST® is a ceramic kneading classified in the category Gres but : It is not “Gres Porcellanato” (Porcelained Stoneware), is not Vitrus China, is not an agglomeration, it does not contains marble pwder nor glues, resins, or artificial components, therefore has no harmful emissions to health.


They are made with different types of shaping, depending on their characteristics and the quantity to be realized, is used so the Casting of plaster molds, pressing the wet and in the case of large quantities or continuous wire drawing Casting medium pressure. This way we can always offer the best result for any amount or model.
Each manufactured, from the sink to the special piece is followed from its birth, in all phases of production, from molding to finishing, which is carried out exclusively by hand, to the cooking, by qualified staff, and is subject to strict controls that guarantee the quality standard that distinguishes our products.


The Semi-Finished in GRESLAST® in ivory paste ready to be worked.
Washbasins, sinks, gutters, cutting boards and kitchen sinks, various sized tiles, shaped panelling (also tailored), kitchen tops, and large bathroom tops, accessories such as special pieces/parts, lamps, hooks, shelves, all to be included directly into the wall coating.
Various models and sizes available also from stock.


Very soon we will publish a new website with all the necessary information!

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