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Polaris triangular washbasin

Polaris has a linear edge finish, common to other models, a line of washbasins that interpret the most well-known geometric shapes (Polaris, Sirio, Antares, Doradus) that are well suited to modern enamelling and/or minimal decoration, on the internal or external surface.
Polaris is supplied in Greslast® semi-finished bodies ("biscuits") in ivory paste, suitable for subsequent enamelling with all shades of the range of enamels and ceramic colours. A material of remarkable technical qualities with excellent fire proofing and a remarkable reduction in your production waste.
All our washbasins are combined with polypropylene and steel drainage fittings, which comply with EU and US regulations, and are tailored to ours models by a leading Italian firm.

(Washbasin, Over the Top, cm 42,5 x 42,5, Triangular)

Additional Info

  • Product Code: OV. 60.04
  • Material: Greslast®
  • Type of positioning: over the top
  • Positioning Image: Positioning Image
  • External measurements: cm 42,5 x 42,5
  • Internal measurements: cm 40 x 40
  • Outside Height: cm 17
  • Internal Depth: cm 14
  • Drain hole: 1 - 1/2 “
  • Type of discharge: Up - Down
  • Recess hole in worktop: No
  • Set: single (PADPAK® paper cushioning system)
  • Weight: Kg. 8,5 +/-

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