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Italian fine manufacture

Our Manufacture are provided in Biscotto in paste ivory cooked at high temperature. Appropiate for subsequent glazing and / or decoration, which is recommended in temperature that will use all the shades of the range of glazes and ceramic colors. We have collected a summary of models and sizes available for sale, free from constraints of exclusivity.
We propose a technical considerable quality material from the sink to the special piece will have an excellent fire behavior and a significant reduction of production waste.

The semi-finished in greslast in ivory paste ready to be worked

Washbasins, sinks, gutters, cutting boards and kitchen sinks, various sized tiles, shaped panelling (also tailored), kitchen tops, and large bathroom tops, accessories such as special pieces/parts, lamps, hooks, shelves, all to be included directly into the wall coating. Various models and sizes available also from stock.

CERARTECH by Ada De Mori - Bottega Artigiana © P.IVA IT03950470249
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