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Extension Surfaces

Plates and tiles in ivory paste with a raised textured surface, slightly rounded corners and customisable elements.
Provided in various sizes with a thickness of 1.4.
Oven yield - RF (max tolerance 2/2.5%).

Extension Surfaces are supplied in Greslast® semi-finished bodies ("biscuits") in ivory paste, suitable for subsequent enamelling with all shades of the range of enamels and ceramic colours.
A material of remarkable technical qualities with excellent fire proofing and a remarkable reduction in your production waste.

Additional Info

  • Surfaces Code: GE
  • Material: Greslast®
  • Measurements:
    5x5 - 5x10 - 5x20
    10x10 - 10x20 - 10x30
    15x15 - 20x40
    step 33x31 h 8
    other contoured measurements

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