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Nettuno kitchen sink model

All our sinks and washbasins fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so you can create a variety of solutions for every need. Nettuno is a large size sink with a good surface for both decoration and enamelling. In addition, Nettuno can be combined with several other models to create various solutions.
Nettuno is supplied in Greslast® semi-finished bodies ("biscuits") in ivory paste, suitable for subsequent enamelling with all shades of the range of enamels and ceramic colours. A material of remarkable technical qualities with excellent fire proofing and a remarkable reduction in your production waste.
All our sinks are combined with polypropylene and steel drainage fittings, which comply with EU and US regulations, and are tailored to ours models by a leading Italian firm.

(Sink, Flush-Mount, cm 40 x 60, Matching cm 40 Nettuno)

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