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We only use eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly.

The ceramic kneading udes by us, the Greslast®, is made only with certified material.
The semi-finished so made no harmful emissions and respect nature.

To live in a Safe House built respecting Nature

During all production phases, processing waste, production water and also the one used for the washing of tools and equipment are recovered and re-introduced in the manufacturing processes. The work benches are made with suction systems to protect the environment, even the working one.

In order to live in a healthy working environment.

Also in the following stages, both the production waste and the finished product (even after all of its cycle of use) are still compatible material to the re-insertion in the production cycle, processed and used as a component) or used by other types of producers, for example in the building industry, for the construction of flues or special bricks.

Because it is soil and goes back to being soil

Particular attention is also paid to the packaging, using the system Cushioning Solutions PadPak ™ using paper that enters the cycle of harvesting and use of waste and is a product "just in time" that avoids stocks.

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