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We facilitate the work of our partners

The enamelling is a true intrinsic art of know-how.

We offer our partners our experience in the field of glazing, all our tips and tricks are designed to facilitate your work.
Greslast® has its own distinct behavior that differs from ordinary commercial dough, its expansion coefficient is 65/68, so we thought to facilitate your work by directly delivering Smalti e Cristalline, of our formulation, from us Composed and tested, with a correct coefficient 54/56, to be cooked from a minimum of 980 ° to a maximum of 1050 °.
Polished, matte or semi matt polishes, suitable for use with washbasins, sinks, tops and tiles supplied in quantities of 3 - 5 to 10 - 25 kg, to meet your needs according to work to be performed.
We also offer the possibility of making enamels and crystals for your color requirements, adding natural pigments, sending samples, realizing tests and combining your productions, but we can simply provide the basis for you to Change in tone according to your needs.
Below you can see, for example, variations of light enamel varnish with pigments and also insertion of dots.

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