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Use our current-production products for inclusion in your creations.

Customise our models according to your production in terms of colour, decoration, brand, part shape, with the exclusivity of production and marketing.


A product in Bottega Artigiana is always hand made and the project develops with the following phases:

    • 1. Evaluation of the element to be produced
      Listening to the needs and compatibility of features between your requests and our models. Verification of its feasibility, alternative proposals

    • 2. Production of the Model
      Depending on the type of intervention to be carried out on our product, the relevant tests will be carried out, whether only colour/decoration, or brand or structural modification, in order to carry out a verification prototype.
      The realization of a custom Prototype varies in a cost from € 50.00 to € 400.00 to be determined on the basis of the same requests and the subject.

The cost of manufacture once in production, ranging from a few dozen or a few thousand pieces, will be commensurate with your requests.

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